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What Does It Mean To Be A Member Of CybOrg?

As a professional organization, we will get you: 

  1. Networking opportunities: PwC, EY, KPMG, Deloitte, FBI, IBM, and Stroz Friedberg, just to name a few…..
  2. Workshops: See what the best cyber security companies are looking for in a resume and in an interview
  3. Exclusive LinkedIn: From the best alumni network in the world, meet USC alumni and others for lasting job connections.
  4. Early RSVP to our Corporate Networking Night spring semester!
  5. Fun opportunities: Movie nights, CTF competitions, swag, and much more!
    • Get priority when we are creating CTF teams!
  6. Access to discounted EnFuse tickets
    • EnFuse costs $1800 if self-register. USC has traditionally provided $300 and $600 tickets.

How To Become a CybOrg Member!

Pay the membership fee of either $15 for the semester or $25 for the year at one of our events or through Venmo @USC-Cyborg.